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MarzGurl Productions

Your Convention Video is On The Way!

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This is a community for those who want to stay in touch with everything having to do with MarzGurl Productions. The community is run by MarzGurl herself. She will post as news comes along and new ideas come into play. If you would like to join, please do! Ask questions, discuss, and give ideas that you think might work in the future. Hope to see you here soon.

From Post #1

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to marzgurlprod, the MarzGurl Productions LiveJournal community! As the organizer, I encourage you to ask questions and give ideas as often as possible. Also, please join in and give input when MarzGurl posts with her ideas on how to continue the videos and what direction to take them in. And please visit http://www.marzgurlproductions.com to watch the best in anime convention videos.

Other important links include:
http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/chat.htm - the MarzGurl Productions chat room
http://s4.invisionfree.com/MarzGurl_Productions - the official MarzGurl Productions message boards
http://www.cafepress.com/marzgurl - the MarzGurl Productions Online Store

Thanks for visiting, hope to hear from you soon!"