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MarzGurl Productions
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Saturday, October 6th, 2007
5:30 pm
Video: A-Kon 18 - Giant Robots and Giant Crowds
A-Kon 2007, June 1 - 3
Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas, Texas
139 megs, 12 mins, 47 secs

YouTube videos, pieces 1 and 2 (Part 2 may not be viewable for another hour or so)Read more...Collapse )

Not my longest video, and not my best, but still not horrible.

After waiting four months, the video has arrived! In this video you will see the basic overview of what you love from this anime convention, including the hotel layout, the dealers room, guests, Para Para, games, dances, cosplay, and much, much more. Everyone, thank you for your patience, and we'll see you again next year!
Sunday, May 20th, 2007
8:04 am
Video: Ikkicon 2007 - Small Space, Big Surprises
29 mins, 49 secs
103 MB

Also currently available in YouTube streaming format, in three pieces behind this LJ cut:
Read more...Collapse )

This is potentially one of the best videos released from MarzGurl Productions. This video gives the best possible run-down of the convention known as Ikkicon held in Austin, Texas in February of 2007. You'll get the most information for your time! In this video you'll find staff introductions, video rooms, arcades, dealers rooms, plenty of panels, lots of cosplay, Karaoke Idol, The Pose Offs, and more.

Regrettably, due to a fatal error in some footage, I needed to remove four clips from the cosplay selection. If you are looking for your cosplay and do not see it, please contact me, because I do in fact have it all intact.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Thanks for the fun!
Friday, March 16th, 2007
11:32 am
Video: Oni-Con 2006 - Large Hotel, Large Events
View the official page here: http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/onicon2006.htm

Oni-Con 2006, October 20 - 22
George R Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
89.4 megs, 25 mins, 56 secs

Or see the YouTube videos in three pieces here: Read more...Collapse )

Finally, after months of waiting, it's finally here! This video has finally obtained the length that most of the original MarzGurl Productions videos had previously obtained. Check out the clips from panel rooms, main events, video rooms, TWO cosplay competitions, Yoshitaka Amano Q&A panel, ninjutsu, and much, much more! I hope this helps you catch up with your con season. Wish you were here!
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
8:48 pm
Video: AnimeFEST 2006 - The Weekend Retreat
Also available in two pieces on YouTube:

AnimeFEST 2006, September 2 - 5
Hyatt Regency at Reunion Tower, Dallas, Texas
61 megs, 17 mins, 8 secs

This video is short and perhaps not as well edited as many of my other videos. However, it is still a very good rundown of how the AnimeFEST weekend went. There are no staff introductions in this video, just convention coverage. Footaged included in this video are from video rooms, arcade, dances, cosplay, panels, game shows, closing ceremonies, and more. This was an honestly fun convention, and this video give you a basic show of just what kind of fun occured over the course of the weekend.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
7:11 pm
Special Order Videos and Projects from MarzGurl Productions
I wanted to give some information as to how my policy for fan video requests is going to change. Don't worry, for now I will still continue to do favors for fans for free.

My policy will be changing as of January 1st, 2007! After that, this new policy will go into effect! Please read over this if you are interested in seeing more footage in the future!

So, here it is.

Effective January 1st, 2007

Did you miss some piece of footage from your favorite convention? Is there a particular memory you're looking for that you didn't see in one of our core videos? Chances are that MarzGurl Productions has that memory captured on film for you! We are now making our archives open and available to you, and for a donation of some pocket change to continue our work, we can get it straight away to you. Just contact us at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com and let us know what you're looking for. We'll do our best to provide it for you! For more information on what kind of video footage and services are available, see the information below.

Raw Footage under 10 Minutes in LengthCollapse )

Raw Footage over 10 Minutes in LengthCollapse )

High Quality versions of the Main MGP ProgramsCollapse )

Special Video Edits, Filming, and ProductionCollapse )

And that's pretty much it. Comment if you have any questions. Hope I made this clear enough! Thanks, everyone!
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
12:41 pm
Video: A-Kon 17 - Pirates, Ninjas, and Anime
YouTube links, Part One and Part Two:
Dallas, Texas
June 2 - 4, 2006
62.5 Megs
15 mins, 51 secs

Sadly, this video is only half as long as most previous videos. This is due to the fact that many events were not allowed to be filmed, as well as a slightly lacking series of exciting events made available to film. Please also forgive the digital garbage along the sides of some of the scenes as part of the tape had been eaten by the camera.

With that in mind, here's what the video DOES include:
Video rooms, arcade, KAOS room, tabletop gaming, Para Para performances, makeshift raves, cosplay events, dealers room, and more.

Here's hoping that next year will give us a far bigger and better video. Thanks to all donators. Your recognition is in the credits!

Also, you see that phone number with Greg's introduction? Yes, that's his real phone number.
Friday, August 11th, 2006
3:41 pm
Slight change of Japan travel plans
There has been a slight change to the MarzGurl Productions Goes To Japan travel plans, but you will see that the change is not major.

I have decided that traveling with Pop Japan Travel's Endless Summer Tour is not the best way for me to travel, mainly due to funding.

However, I'm not too short on cash to get to Japan by myself and see some of the same sights on my own, and in the exact same time frame, too!

Finding plane tickets, rooms, and purchasing Japan Rail tickets ends up being half the price for a single person. So I'll be lacking a bilingual tour guide. That's okay! I know enough to get around.

Roundtrip tickets to Japan out of Austin are only around $770 per person out from Travelocity.

Staying in youth hostels can be as cheap as $18 a night!

The Japan Rail tickets sound like a kick in the teeth at nearly $300, but in reality, if you add all this up, it's a very cheap deal.

I'm traveling to Japan at about $1,200 per person as opposed to Pop Japan Travel's $2,200 per person. I'm also visiting four cities instead of staying in Tokyo for the week. All in all, I'd say I've found one hell of a trip all by myself. We're leaving on September 21st and returning September 29th. Talk to us about going with us if you can! Yes, I know, short notice and all, but isn't the thought of it awesome?

Heck, I'd even suggest that if you have the money, you should come along with us! It's a cheap trip, really. Cheaper than buying a car, that's for sure. My clinical research study nearly pays for two people (Andrew and myself)!

Let it also be known that this slight change in travel plans has no effect on the money that has been donated. These donators will still receive their names and/or comments in the credits of the video to Japan.

Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and showing their support!

Current Mood: hungry
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
5:59 am
Get your name in a video about Japan by MarzGurl Productions!

Hello, everyone!

This September, MarzGurl Productions is going to Japan with Pop Japan Travel, and we are looking to make a video documenting the trip. We want to make this one of the best quality videos we can possibly create, but we can't do it by ourselves! So we need your help, and in return, we want to do something cool for you.

You can get your name (or your screen name) in the video!

For a donation of just $1 we will add your name or screen name to the credits of the video, and possibly even read your name aloud in Tokyo!
For a donation of just $5 we will add not only your name but also any quote from you! We will accept any sentence, so long as it remains G-rated. It can be an advertisement, a simple hello, or a shout out to a special someone.
For a donation of over $5 we will add your name and your quote to the video in a special Gold Star segment, and your name will be in every future MarzGurl Productions video for one year!

This video will cover much of Tokyo and will stop in places like Tokyo Tower, Mt. Fuji, the Tokyo Game Show, Akihabara, and much much more! I certainly don't want to go to Japan alone. Let me take you with me!

Everyone who donates will receive a confirmation e-mail that your name will be in Japan and in the video as well as e-mails upon leaving for Japan, returning from Japan, and finally an e-mail upon completion of the video.

Your name will not go unnoticed! Come with me to Japan!

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
9:38 pm
"Give Me Love And Money"
Man, I've been working so hard on editing videos, uploading videos, making new friendly contacts and what have you that I've hardly had any time for th 'net (as you've probably noticed). So here's an update on what I've been up to.

So, a few months back I joined up on this web site called AniFriends (http://www.anifriends.com) because a friend of mine from my messengers contacted me and hooked me up with special memberships and what have you at the time. He said my name might help bring some pull to the web site, and I thought it was cool all the same. Think MySpace, except it's built specifically with the Otaku and Gamer in mind, and a lot easier to navigate. Less stupid advertising, too. Lots of J-Pop/J-Rock to explore. I even made the first group on the site (called Anime Conventions, located under the Anime And Manga section).

Just a couple of days ago AniFriends opened up with it's new facelift and it's big final look. I've spent a lot of time there trying to be as active as possible. I always felt kind of lame for never being abundantly active on any major website like Gaia or Cosplay.com or any place like that.

Next think I know, I've received this message from Lincoln, the main creator of AniFriends, with a very intriguing request:

"Hi, i've been reading up on you for a few days now and looking at some of your work, I would like to know if you would be interested in helping to do weekly video segments for AniFriends. Basically the concept is once a week a user will be chosen to discuss the new featured content on Anifriends for that week, not to mention the latest things happening in gaming, anime, manga, and the Geek world, we need a video editor that can take the webcam submitted files and add credits to them, commercials if possible (however this won't be till we actually get sponsors wanting to do feature a commercial in them), and produce a final version, also Anifriends needs official Convention representatives, since your frequently visiting these conventions would you be interested in being the official convention Anifriends organizer?

We would pay for a booth and then try to recruit staff, it would be your job to keep everyone orderly, we'd also mail you around 100 t-shirts and other stuff with the Anifriends logo's on them to be given out at the convo's, Since I'm in school all the time I won't be able to attend any of the conventions for a while but will be going to a Convention called SitaCon later this year, anyway I look forward to your response a member like you could be a real asset to Anifriends"

So of course my reply would be yes! I totally want to help them out. I love fandom, and I really like the directions AniFriends is going in. To be asked to help them is a real joy. So I guess you'll be seeing more and more of my work going towards a far larger community that you used to!

Also, I've been keeping my eye out on a new magazine called Anime IKU (http://www.animeiku.com), produced in Canada and working to get sold across North America and in an electronic form on their web site. I've been particularly interested because it's supposed to be a little out there and on the edge, but it's straight up no fluff, no BS anime fandom. Also, it's been created by a total of like four high school and college students who saved up just enough money from their jobs to make this thing.

I sent an e-mail to the site trying to find out how I might aquire a copy of the first issue, how I might pay for it, and how they could send me a copy. Tonight, I got a reply:

"Hey Kaylyn,

Are you marzgurl?
HAHAHA. I think your videos are awesome! We're even trying out some videos ourselves this summer.

I'd love to send you a free copy of our magazine. Just give me your address. I'd like to ask that you keep an open mind about it and be a little forgiving of the production quality. It was made by 4 highschool and university students with money we made from summer jobs so it's not New Type (although we hope to be better then them in our second issue) :)


How cool is that, huh? I kinda feel like they've almost asked me to be gentle on them, though... I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with what I see, though. I've sent in a submission to them... I hope that the occasional article of mine slips in. ^_^; I just wanna write. I doubt it was really the best, but I asked them to tell me if there was anything that I needed to change. I wanna learn how to be a journalist on all different angles, after all.

As for the rest of what I've been doing, I've been working on uploading all of my past videos onto YouTube, as well as a relatively new video site called Revver (http://www.revver.com). What's cool about Revver is that I'll finally have Quicktime versions of my videos, and for every time a video gets watched, I make a little bit of money! The reason why that works is because the site tacks on a little advertisement at the end of every video (don't worry, it's RIGHT after the video ends, it's not obstructive or anything). If someone watches the video and sees the advertisement, the company the ad came from gets 20% profit, and then the rest of the money is split between the web site and the person who hosted the video. As of just a couple of hours, I've already made $1.50. :D

Not all of my videos are uploaded to either site yet, but here's a couple of examples from both sites:

(Will update the YouTube link when YouTube is done updating)

Other than that, I have a strong possibility of a job. Guess I won't know 100% until tomorrow morning, though. Here's hoping.


...But I still need money. Bad. Especially 'cause I had to use a lot of savings bond money that was supposed to be used for school for a while to pay for bills 'cause the other roommates are BUMS.


Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
1:51 pm
Updates to marzgurlproductions.com and more

That's right, MarzGurl Productions is finally prepared to announce the trip to Japan! We have joined up for the Pop Japan Travel Endless Summer Tour (which has just recently SOLD OUT at 40 gaijin, making this THE largest PJT tour up to this point). Footage we will be bringing back to share with you will include shots from the Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Tower, Mt. Fuji-san, and more! We're visiting GONZO studios, though it is unknown at this time whether or not we will be permitted to film on their location.

Pop Japan Travel is a tour group with the "otaku" in mind, while still remaining true to visiting Japanese roots, with enough personal free time to cater to everyone's needs. This makes for the perfect situation for MarzGurl Productions to film! It is also our plan to interview a handfull of these 40 fans for the upcoming documentary to be produced for Current TV.

For more information on Pop Japan Travel and what you can look forward to in future trips, please be sure to visit our friends at PJT at http://www.popjapantravel.com.

In other news, http://www.marzgurlproductions.com has gone under a MASSIVE update, with more to come shortly. The Shiokaze Con video is finally linked up on the web pages, with an update to the downloads page, completely new events scheduled on the Events page, and new pictures and information on the home news page. I would still like to complete the Staff and Links pages, and the Downloads page needs to be entirely reworked. With nine videos on the page and a tenth one shortly on the way, the page is starting to look pretty unattractive. It has been decided that the Downloads page will soon be organized by year. There are two videos available from 2004, five videos from 2005, and soon to be three videos from 2006, with more on the way as the year continues.

Please be looking forward to more updates! And be on the lookout for the A-Kon 17 video, soon to come!

Later days!
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
5:14 pm
10:27 am
San Japan Pre-anniversary!
SJ invades SA! We're now one year out from the only San Antonio anime convention! We know you're home bored, waiting with anticipation. We don't want to disappoint! In celebration, we're hosting a pre-anniversary bash! On Saturday, July 15th, meet us in front of the IMAX theater at Rivercenter Mall at 9:30am. We recommend parking at the Rivercenter's parking garage. As usual, cosplay is encouraged, but DO NOT BRING WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, REGARDLESS OF IT BEING FAKE OR REAL. We don't want SAPD to take up your well crafted weapons or arrest you or some such. Also keep in mind it's in the middle of Texas' summer, so temperatures will be hot, more than likely reaching high 90s to the 100s. Make sure you are properly covered but don't wear anything too heavy. We don't want you passing out from heat exhaustion! At 10am we'll start a tour of downtown SA. We plan to visit the Alamo, Riverwalk, Hemisfair Park, and the Towers of the Americas. After this, we'll return to Rivercenter Mall for lunch (bring money for lunch and shopping!). After lunch it'll be shopping (Sanrio store! ) and gaming (DDR is there!) inside the Riverwalk Mall. As usual, we'll be taking preregistration for the special discount rate of $25! Think the day's over and done yet? Of course not! We're renting out the pool at Woodland Oaks for a night of fun, starting at 8:30pm and ending at 10:30pm! We'll have games with prizes (DVDs and more, graciously donated by ADV Films), music, and so much more! Only 60 people will be able to attend the pool party, so call Keri at (512) 769-5520 or e-mail conchair@san-japan.org to reserve your spot and get directions! First come, first serve! You will be responsible to bring your own food and drink to the party (no alcohol or glass allowed). We hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
4:10 pm
Video: Anime on a Breeze - Shiokaze Con 2006
Anime on a Breeze - Shiokaze Con 2006


27 mins, 32 secs
98.8 Megs

After a month and a half of waiting and a new convention is nearly upon us, it's finally arrived! In my personal opinion, I believe that this video was a very well-rounded display of Shiokaze Con's awesome kick-off. Pieces displayed include in-depth interviews, travel, arrival, Dealers' Room, Gaming Room, dances and raves, Pose Offs, Cosplay, and an in-depth introduction to the new Anime Dating Game. An extra special thanks goes out to everyone who showed their support to me during my times of need and donated towards MGP when they never really were forced to. Please enjoy this showcase, and I'll be seeing everyone at A-Kon!
Monday, May 29th, 2006
12:37 pm
Update with a poll.
Hello, everyone!

I'm working hard on getting this documentary underway. I've placed some important phone calls and made some important e-mails. I'll be talking to Keiichi of http://radio.keiichi.net while at A-kon. I've tried e-mailing for someone, anyone, from some of the major anime localization places in Texas to talk to me, though I have my doubts on that one, so unless I hear otherwise, I'll be using unlicensed anime as my examples.

For now, until I get those forms for the interviews online, I thought you guys could help me by answering a little question in this poll! I'm looking to learn a general age range of anime fans. Will you take some time to tell me what age range you're in?

Poll #738201 Regular Anime fans!

How old are you?

13 or younger
14 to 18
19 to 21
22 to 25
25 to 30
30 to 35
36 or older (please reply with age, if you can)

If there's any other information you are willing to give, go right ahead! I'll have another poll up within a few days. Be catching you soon!

*Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion*
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
1:54 pm
Anime fans! Join MarzGurl Productions on TV!
Hello, everyone! I'm considering tackling a whole new project, and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who wanted to help.

I have a desire to submit a new video to Current TV (http://www.current.tv). I was considering submitting some of my anime convention videos, but if Current ended up liking my work they would want to purchase the distribution rights to the video, and then the video would no longer really be mine to show, and I am not willing to sell my free convention videos to anyone. Because of this, I would like to create a whole new documentary.

You've seen other "Otaku Documentaries" floating around, but don't they sometimes seem a little... well... off? Some of them seemed to want to focus on just how freakish some fans can be, diving too far deep into subjects such as crossplay and shedding an uncomfortable light on the subject. Wouldn't we all like to see someone make a mini-documentary about how much fun our fandom can really be? That's exactly what I intend to do.

I want to cover as many aspects of fandom as I possibly can. I want to go from your casual fan who watches and enjoys Cartoon Network animes and collects small amounts of mangas and DVDs to model creators, to big-time collectors to convention attendees, to cosplayers, and all walks of anime fandom here in the States (okay, you Canadians can join, too).

I want to interview as many people as possible! If you have a way of expressing your fandom that you'd like to share with MarzGurl Productions and the world, I want you to let me know! I live in San Antonio, Texas, so if you live in the state of Texas then I would like to make my way out to see some of you or sit down and talk to you about your opinions, your fandom, and anything you're proud of.

Now, even if you don't live in the state of Texas, I still want to try to include you. If you're an anime fan with a video camera you can still show me your fandom! You may want to get a second person as a cameraman and film you alongside your fandom for you. If there is enough interest shown in this I will later post some interview questions that you can ask each other and tell you exactly how I'd like for you to show me your fandom.

I am especially interested in cosplayers and crossplayers, from the casual to the detailed. In no way will I aim to hurt the character of anyone interviewed, so on that note, you can feel safe and secure from my end. You can show off your hard work!

The same goes for any artist in any medium. If you draw fan art, I'd like to hear about that, too, so get in contact with me so that we might share your work with the world.

And finally, I will be looking for anyone who creates unlicensed music and is willing to share that music with this video. All I would need is your permission and a signature from you, and I would be agreeing that the work is, in fact, yours, giving you your full rights to it, you've just allowed me to use it. If there's anyone who wants to get their music heard, or if you know of anyone who might like to get their unlicensed music heard, please come in my direction, and I'd like to work with you!

Please remember that the eventual outcome we are aiming for is to get this aired on television, so if that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way you do not have to get involved. If at any time any questions are asked of you that would make you feel uncomfortable you have every right not to answer those questions. Also, everything will be done completely legally. Everyone interviewed will be required to give a signature saying that you are allowing us to use that footage of you in the video and such. If you are under the age of 18 we will be requiring a parent/guardian signature.

So! With all that said, is there anyone who is interested in helping me accomplish this goal!? Again, the kind of people we are looking for includes:

TV fans
Manga and DVD collectors
Model artists/collectors
Fan artists
Fan subbers
Unlicensed musicians
Fans with opinions to be heard
Anyone else with a unique way of showing their fandom all their own!

Please leave a reply here or send me an e-mail at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com .

Thank you, and keep on being the awesome fans that you are!

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
7:47 am
MarzGurlProductions.com updated
Well, I FINALLY got around to updating the web site with informationabout the Ushicon video and the upcoming Shiokaze Con video.


Also, BIG CONTEST coming soon (with a CASH PRIZE).

That is all.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
7:29 pm
Considering making Cosplay live action music videos
I've been filming a lot of anime conventions and hosting them on http://www.marzgurlproductions.com over the past two years, and now I think I'm finally ready to do something more creative with my space.

I have been considering making live action Cosplay music videos. Multiple people in the past have told me that they'd like to work with me on some music video ideas, and I think that I have finally reached the point where I'm excited about the possibility of doing it. So let me give you some information about what I'm considering here.

After picking a song and an anime to set it to, I would then need to gather a group of dedicated cosplayers. I would recommend that you consider participating only if you live in the state of Texas, however if you are so hardcore that you want to be a part of this and you live out of state, well then more power to you, welcome aboard. I will announce that I am looking for a cast and give about three months of time to get your entries in before a given deadline. What I would need is a full body shot of you in your cosplay from the front, back, and both sides. If the character you are cosplaying is going to be lip syncing during the song then I would also like to know how well you know the song that I will be using, or I would like to know that you are willing to learn the song. After the three months pass and the deadline arrives I will determine who my characters will be, as well as an understudy for each main character in the video, in case someone ends up being unable to attend the shoot. When the cast has been determined I will announce a time and a location for shooting the video (probably in San Antonio) and will make sure everyone is okay with this date. If not, I'll tweak it and play with it as much as I can, but after that it is up to the cast to make arrangements to make the trip on that date. Filming will be a full day event. I also expect that there might be situations where we may have to schedule a second day.

If you become interested in being part of this, I would suggest that you be very serious about it. I need a solid cast that can make it with the entire body.

Oh, yeah, and I'm sure I'll need plenty of extras, too.

Is there anyone who would have any interest in participating in such an event, or watching such a music video?

Poll #717697 Would you like to see or participate in Cosplay Music Videos?

Would you like to see or participate in Cosplay Music Videos?

Yes, I would love to see and participate in this event!
I would want to participate, but not want to watch. (What?)
I would want to watch, but not want to participate.
No, I would neither want to watch or participate in this event.

Please leave comments suggesting animes and songs to use together! Thank you!

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
12:35 am
Video: Ushicon Go! 2006 - Fifth Year of Memories
Yes, after nearly two months, the video is finally completed.

84.2 megs
24 mins, 12 secs

The sentiment of this video has been made to be very bitter-sweet, as this past Ushicon was the last one. Many happy faces and smiles are shown and some of the best music was selected as a backdrop to the tmosphere. Segments included cover arrival, Opening Ceremonies, Pose-Offs, Crossplay panels, dances, Cosplay, game room, interviews, closing ceremonies, video rooms, birthday celebrations, and a special closing involving many people's responses to this particular convention and its finale as found on many Ushicon fan sites across the Internet.

I say now, and you will see again in the video, I thank the hotel staff and especially the staff and other volunteers of Ushicon for allowing me to publicly share the fun that Ushicon was set out to give. I thank you for allowing me the chance to distribute the memories to others onthe Internet and across the world. I am honored simply to be allowed to do so. Thank you.

Current Mood: relieved
Friday, February 17th, 2006
1:10 am
Ushicon video in the works
Hello all,

The Ushicon video is under production. Unfortunately, I have moved all of my projects over to a new computer, and I am currently in need of a DVD drive in this one. I need this because most of the convention was filmed on a Mini DVD camcorder. I will be attempting to borrow one for my own personal use for the time being. Until then,

Mini DV tapes have been uploaded
Music has been selected
and a General idea of how the video will run has been planned out.

For any further questions, please either leave a comment or feel free to e-mail me at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com .

Thanks, all!
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
12:27 am
Attention all Naruto cosplayers and Para Para fans!
To all Naruto cosplayers who also happen to be Para Para fans, I have a skit that I would like for us all to prepare for Ushicon in just over a month.

Please practice the Para Para routine "Ale Japan"!  Here's a link to a low-quality video of the short routine - http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/video/alejapan.avi
This is a very easy routine, and it's only about a minute and a half long.  What I'd like is, for the next month, for every Naruto cosplayer to learn this routine so that we can all do it as a group.  I thought that this song was appropriate because it makes a lot of hand gestures, like Naruto hand signs.  There's very little footwork to be done, so you can have fun just flailing your arms for a while. 

Once I get enough response I'll be sure to tell everyone more details and how I'd like for us to line up and such things.  I hope to hear response pretty quickly!
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