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Slight change of Japan travel plans

There has been a slight change to the MarzGurl Productions Goes To Japan travel plans, but you will see that the change is not major.

I have decided that traveling with Pop Japan Travel's Endless Summer Tour is not the best way for me to travel, mainly due to funding.

However, I'm not too short on cash to get to Japan by myself and see some of the same sights on my own, and in the exact same time frame, too!

Finding plane tickets, rooms, and purchasing Japan Rail tickets ends up being half the price for a single person. So I'll be lacking a bilingual tour guide. That's okay! I know enough to get around.

Roundtrip tickets to Japan out of Austin are only around $770 per person out from Travelocity.

Staying in youth hostels can be as cheap as $18 a night!

The Japan Rail tickets sound like a kick in the teeth at nearly $300, but in reality, if you add all this up, it's a very cheap deal.

I'm traveling to Japan at about $1,200 per person as opposed to Pop Japan Travel's $2,200 per person. I'm also visiting four cities instead of staying in Tokyo for the week. All in all, I'd say I've found one hell of a trip all by myself. We're leaving on September 21st and returning September 29th. Talk to us about going with us if you can! Yes, I know, short notice and all, but isn't the thought of it awesome?

Heck, I'd even suggest that if you have the money, you should come along with us! It's a cheap trip, really. Cheaper than buying a car, that's for sure. My clinical research study nearly pays for two people (Andrew and myself)!

Let it also be known that this slight change in travel plans has no effect on the money that has been donated. These donators will still receive their names and/or comments in the credits of the video to Japan.

Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and showing their support!
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