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Get your name in a video about Japan by MarzGurl Productions!

Hello, everyone!

This September, MarzGurl Productions is going to Japan with Pop Japan Travel, and we are looking to make a video documenting the trip. We want to make this one of the best quality videos we can possibly create, but we can't do it by ourselves! So we need your help, and in return, we want to do something cool for you.

You can get your name (or your screen name) in the video!

For a donation of just $1 we will add your name or screen name to the credits of the video, and possibly even read your name aloud in Tokyo!
For a donation of just $5 we will add not only your name but also any quote from you! We will accept any sentence, so long as it remains G-rated. It can be an advertisement, a simple hello, or a shout out to a special someone.
For a donation of over $5 we will add your name and your quote to the video in a special Gold Star segment, and your name will be in every future MarzGurl Productions video for one year!

This video will cover much of Tokyo and will stop in places like Tokyo Tower, Mt. Fuji, the Tokyo Game Show, Akihabara, and much much more! I certainly don't want to go to Japan alone. Let me take you with me!

Everyone who donates will receive a confirmation e-mail that your name will be in Japan and in the video as well as e-mails upon leaving for Japan, returning from Japan, and finally an e-mail upon completion of the video.

Your name will not go unnoticed! Come with me to Japan!

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