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"Give Me Love And Money"

Man, I've been working so hard on editing videos, uploading videos, making new friendly contacts and what have you that I've hardly had any time for th 'net (as you've probably noticed). So here's an update on what I've been up to.

So, a few months back I joined up on this web site called AniFriends (http://www.anifriends.com) because a friend of mine from my messengers contacted me and hooked me up with special memberships and what have you at the time. He said my name might help bring some pull to the web site, and I thought it was cool all the same. Think MySpace, except it's built specifically with the Otaku and Gamer in mind, and a lot easier to navigate. Less stupid advertising, too. Lots of J-Pop/J-Rock to explore. I even made the first group on the site (called Anime Conventions, located under the Anime And Manga section).

Just a couple of days ago AniFriends opened up with it's new facelift and it's big final look. I've spent a lot of time there trying to be as active as possible. I always felt kind of lame for never being abundantly active on any major website like Gaia or Cosplay.com or any place like that.

Next think I know, I've received this message from Lincoln, the main creator of AniFriends, with a very intriguing request:

"Hi, i've been reading up on you for a few days now and looking at some of your work, I would like to know if you would be interested in helping to do weekly video segments for AniFriends. Basically the concept is once a week a user will be chosen to discuss the new featured content on Anifriends for that week, not to mention the latest things happening in gaming, anime, manga, and the Geek world, we need a video editor that can take the webcam submitted files and add credits to them, commercials if possible (however this won't be till we actually get sponsors wanting to do feature a commercial in them), and produce a final version, also Anifriends needs official Convention representatives, since your frequently visiting these conventions would you be interested in being the official convention Anifriends organizer?

We would pay for a booth and then try to recruit staff, it would be your job to keep everyone orderly, we'd also mail you around 100 t-shirts and other stuff with the Anifriends logo's on them to be given out at the convo's, Since I'm in school all the time I won't be able to attend any of the conventions for a while but will be going to a Convention called SitaCon later this year, anyway I look forward to your response a member like you could be a real asset to Anifriends"

So of course my reply would be yes! I totally want to help them out. I love fandom, and I really like the directions AniFriends is going in. To be asked to help them is a real joy. So I guess you'll be seeing more and more of my work going towards a far larger community that you used to!

Also, I've been keeping my eye out on a new magazine called Anime IKU (http://www.animeiku.com), produced in Canada and working to get sold across North America and in an electronic form on their web site. I've been particularly interested because it's supposed to be a little out there and on the edge, but it's straight up no fluff, no BS anime fandom. Also, it's been created by a total of like four high school and college students who saved up just enough money from their jobs to make this thing.

I sent an e-mail to the site trying to find out how I might aquire a copy of the first issue, how I might pay for it, and how they could send me a copy. Tonight, I got a reply:

"Hey Kaylyn,

Are you marzgurl?
HAHAHA. I think your videos are awesome! We're even trying out some videos ourselves this summer.

I'd love to send you a free copy of our magazine. Just give me your address. I'd like to ask that you keep an open mind about it and be a little forgiving of the production quality. It was made by 4 highschool and university students with money we made from summer jobs so it's not New Type (although we hope to be better then them in our second issue) :)


How cool is that, huh? I kinda feel like they've almost asked me to be gentle on them, though... I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with what I see, though. I've sent in a submission to them... I hope that the occasional article of mine slips in. ^_^; I just wanna write. I doubt it was really the best, but I asked them to tell me if there was anything that I needed to change. I wanna learn how to be a journalist on all different angles, after all.

As for the rest of what I've been doing, I've been working on uploading all of my past videos onto YouTube, as well as a relatively new video site called Revver (http://www.revver.com). What's cool about Revver is that I'll finally have Quicktime versions of my videos, and for every time a video gets watched, I make a little bit of money! The reason why that works is because the site tacks on a little advertisement at the end of every video (don't worry, it's RIGHT after the video ends, it's not obstructive or anything). If someone watches the video and sees the advertisement, the company the ad came from gets 20% profit, and then the rest of the money is split between the web site and the person who hosted the video. As of just a couple of hours, I've already made $1.50. :D

Not all of my videos are uploaded to either site yet, but here's a couple of examples from both sites:

(Will update the YouTube link when YouTube is done updating)

Other than that, I have a strong possibility of a job. Guess I won't know 100% until tomorrow morning, though. Here's hoping.


...But I still need money. Bad. Especially 'cause I had to use a lot of savings bond money that was supposed to be used for school for a while to pay for bills 'cause the other roommates are BUMS.


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