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Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion

Updates to marzgurlproductions.com and more

That's right, MarzGurl Productions is finally prepared to announce the trip to Japan! We have joined up for the Pop Japan Travel Endless Summer Tour (which has just recently SOLD OUT at 40 gaijin, making this THE largest PJT tour up to this point). Footage we will be bringing back to share with you will include shots from the Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Tower, Mt. Fuji-san, and more! We're visiting GONZO studios, though it is unknown at this time whether or not we will be permitted to film on their location.

Pop Japan Travel is a tour group with the "otaku" in mind, while still remaining true to visiting Japanese roots, with enough personal free time to cater to everyone's needs. This makes for the perfect situation for MarzGurl Productions to film! It is also our plan to interview a handfull of these 40 fans for the upcoming documentary to be produced for Current TV.

For more information on Pop Japan Travel and what you can look forward to in future trips, please be sure to visit our friends at PJT at http://www.popjapantravel.com.

In other news, http://www.marzgurlproductions.com has gone under a MASSIVE update, with more to come shortly. The Shiokaze Con video is finally linked up on the web pages, with an update to the downloads page, completely new events scheduled on the Events page, and new pictures and information on the home news page. I would still like to complete the Staff and Links pages, and the Downloads page needs to be entirely reworked. With nine videos on the page and a tenth one shortly on the way, the page is starting to look pretty unattractive. It has been decided that the Downloads page will soon be organized by year. There are two videos available from 2004, five videos from 2005, and soon to be three videos from 2006, with more on the way as the year continues.

Please be looking forward to more updates! And be on the lookout for the A-Kon 17 video, soon to come!

Later days!
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