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Anime fans! Join MarzGurl Productions on TV!

Hello, everyone! I'm considering tackling a whole new project, and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who wanted to help.

I have a desire to submit a new video to Current TV (http://www.current.tv). I was considering submitting some of my anime convention videos, but if Current ended up liking my work they would want to purchase the distribution rights to the video, and then the video would no longer really be mine to show, and I am not willing to sell my free convention videos to anyone. Because of this, I would like to create a whole new documentary.

You've seen other "Otaku Documentaries" floating around, but don't they sometimes seem a little... well... off? Some of them seemed to want to focus on just how freakish some fans can be, diving too far deep into subjects such as crossplay and shedding an uncomfortable light on the subject. Wouldn't we all like to see someone make a mini-documentary about how much fun our fandom can really be? That's exactly what I intend to do.

I want to cover as many aspects of fandom as I possibly can. I want to go from your casual fan who watches and enjoys Cartoon Network animes and collects small amounts of mangas and DVDs to model creators, to big-time collectors to convention attendees, to cosplayers, and all walks of anime fandom here in the States (okay, you Canadians can join, too).

I want to interview as many people as possible! If you have a way of expressing your fandom that you'd like to share with MarzGurl Productions and the world, I want you to let me know! I live in San Antonio, Texas, so if you live in the state of Texas then I would like to make my way out to see some of you or sit down and talk to you about your opinions, your fandom, and anything you're proud of.

Now, even if you don't live in the state of Texas, I still want to try to include you. If you're an anime fan with a video camera you can still show me your fandom! You may want to get a second person as a cameraman and film you alongside your fandom for you. If there is enough interest shown in this I will later post some interview questions that you can ask each other and tell you exactly how I'd like for you to show me your fandom.

I am especially interested in cosplayers and crossplayers, from the casual to the detailed. In no way will I aim to hurt the character of anyone interviewed, so on that note, you can feel safe and secure from my end. You can show off your hard work!

The same goes for any artist in any medium. If you draw fan art, I'd like to hear about that, too, so get in contact with me so that we might share your work with the world.

And finally, I will be looking for anyone who creates unlicensed music and is willing to share that music with this video. All I would need is your permission and a signature from you, and I would be agreeing that the work is, in fact, yours, giving you your full rights to it, you've just allowed me to use it. If there's anyone who wants to get their music heard, or if you know of anyone who might like to get their unlicensed music heard, please come in my direction, and I'd like to work with you!

Please remember that the eventual outcome we are aiming for is to get this aired on television, so if that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way you do not have to get involved. If at any time any questions are asked of you that would make you feel uncomfortable you have every right not to answer those questions. Also, everything will be done completely legally. Everyone interviewed will be required to give a signature saying that you are allowing us to use that footage of you in the video and such. If you are under the age of 18 we will be requiring a parent/guardian signature.

So! With all that said, is there anyone who is interested in helping me accomplish this goal!? Again, the kind of people we are looking for includes:

TV fans
Manga and DVD collectors
Model artists/collectors
Fan artists
Fan subbers
Unlicensed musicians
Fans with opinions to be heard
Anyone else with a unique way of showing their fandom all their own!

Please leave a reply here or send me an e-mail at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com .

Thank you, and keep on being the awesome fans that you are!

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