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Considering making Cosplay live action music videos

I've been filming a lot of anime conventions and hosting them on http://www.marzgurlproductions.com over the past two years, and now I think I'm finally ready to do something more creative with my space.

I have been considering making live action Cosplay music videos. Multiple people in the past have told me that they'd like to work with me on some music video ideas, and I think that I have finally reached the point where I'm excited about the possibility of doing it. So let me give you some information about what I'm considering here.

After picking a song and an anime to set it to, I would then need to gather a group of dedicated cosplayers. I would recommend that you consider participating only if you live in the state of Texas, however if you are so hardcore that you want to be a part of this and you live out of state, well then more power to you, welcome aboard. I will announce that I am looking for a cast and give about three months of time to get your entries in before a given deadline. What I would need is a full body shot of you in your cosplay from the front, back, and both sides. If the character you are cosplaying is going to be lip syncing during the song then I would also like to know how well you know the song that I will be using, or I would like to know that you are willing to learn the song. After the three months pass and the deadline arrives I will determine who my characters will be, as well as an understudy for each main character in the video, in case someone ends up being unable to attend the shoot. When the cast has been determined I will announce a time and a location for shooting the video (probably in San Antonio) and will make sure everyone is okay with this date. If not, I'll tweak it and play with it as much as I can, but after that it is up to the cast to make arrangements to make the trip on that date. Filming will be a full day event. I also expect that there might be situations where we may have to schedule a second day.

If you become interested in being part of this, I would suggest that you be very serious about it. I need a solid cast that can make it with the entire body.

Oh, yeah, and I'm sure I'll need plenty of extras, too.

Is there anyone who would have any interest in participating in such an event, or watching such a music video?

Poll #717697 Would you like to see or participate in Cosplay Music Videos?

Would you like to see or participate in Cosplay Music Videos?

Yes, I would love to see and participate in this event!
I would want to participate, but not want to watch. (What?)
I would want to watch, but not want to participate.
No, I would neither want to watch or participate in this event.

Please leave comments suggesting animes and songs to use together! Thank you!

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