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Video: Ushicon Go! 2006 - Fifth Year of Memories

Yes, after nearly two months, the video is finally completed.

84.2 megs
24 mins, 12 secs

The sentiment of this video has been made to be very bitter-sweet, as this past Ushicon was the last one. Many happy faces and smiles are shown and some of the best music was selected as a backdrop to the tmosphere. Segments included cover arrival, Opening Ceremonies, Pose-Offs, Crossplay panels, dances, Cosplay, game room, interviews, closing ceremonies, video rooms, birthday celebrations, and a special closing involving many people's responses to this particular convention and its finale as found on many Ushicon fan sites across the Internet.

I say now, and you will see again in the video, I thank the hotel staff and especially the staff and other volunteers of Ushicon for allowing me to publicly share the fun that Ushicon was set out to give. I thank you for allowing me the chance to distribute the memories to others onthe Internet and across the world. I am honored simply to be allowed to do so. Thank you.
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