Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion (marzgurl) wrote in marzgurlprod,
Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion

Attention all Naruto cosplayers and Para Para fans!

To all Naruto cosplayers who also happen to be Para Para fans, I have a skit that I would like for us all to prepare for Ushicon in just over a month.

Please practice the Para Para routine "Ale Japan"!  Here's a link to a low-quality video of the short routine - http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/video/alejapan.avi
This is a very easy routine, and it's only about a minute and a half long.  What I'd like is, for the next month, for every Naruto cosplayer to learn this routine so that we can all do it as a group.  I thought that this song was appropriate because it makes a lot of hand gestures, like Naruto hand signs.  There's very little footwork to be done, so you can have fun just flailing your arms for a while. 

Once I get enough response I'll be sure to tell everyone more details and how I'd like for us to line up and such things.  I hope to hear response pretty quickly!
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